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WE ARE THE ISLANDS #1 TATTOO STUDIO, WE offer only the highest standards of service from initial contact to completion of your masterpiece!

WEST COAST INK BALI is a state of the art fully air conditioned studio offering the finest of imported materials, inks from America and needles from Australia.

Our dedicated team of world class artists are here to deliver a premium service from start to finish, this combined with our highly trained back up staff who will cater for your every need gives WEST COAST INK BALI the confidence to say we are the islands #1 premium studio.


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Our admin and support team consists of highly trained individuals who will take care of your every need, from bookings and registrations to maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness. The team will be on hand to assist with any requests to ensure you are as comfortable as possible during your time with us.


Tony Alva

Meet Tony Alva!
Born and raised in Semarang, Central Java, Tony started his career as an artist back in 2013. He moved to Bali in 2017 and has risen the ranks to become one of the islands most sought after artists.
A resident team member since 2019, Tony loves to do black and grey realism and portraits. He is also a master of ornamental, geometric and fine line.
In fact, like all our artists, he is just really good at all styles and a much cherished member of our family!


Meet Chemenx!
Chemenx was born and raised in Surakarta, Central Java.
An artist since 2013, Chemenx moved to Bali 2 years later and began honing his incredible skills around the Bali tattoo scene.
An artist we have followed for a long time, Chemenx is the newest member of our resident team and we couldn’t be happier to have him on board.
Another artist with considerable experience of working across Australia, Chemenx is another wonderfully diverse artist whose favorite styles are black and grey realism and new school in both colour and black and grey.
Chemenx has the very special skill of being able to produce high quality work at an amazing speed, great for big projects!
A brilliant all rounder that I’m sure will very quickly become an all time favorite!


Meet Badunk!
Our longest serving resident artist, he was born and raised in Solo, Central Java.
Badunk first started tattooing back in 2012 before bringing his extensive skills to Bali in 2016.
Attending many of Australia’s expos over the years, he has a huge following both here and in Australia.
One of the most diverse artists we have had the fortune to work with, his favorite styles are realism, neo-traditional and Japanese although Badunk also has a natural flair for color work and free hand, and his ability to cover up almost anything is legendary!
A natural born artist, Badunk is quick and detailed and an absolute pleasure to work with.


Meet Kecil
Born and raised in Solo, Central Java, Kecil has been tattooing since 1996.
Affectionately known as the master, he has been part of the West Coast Ink family for almost 5 years.
An incredibly diverse artist, there is literally no style in which he doesn’t excel, but if you push him on it he will tell you that Japanese, and big custom projects are his favorite pieces to do, his attention to detail is legendary which also makes him a fantastic realism and fine line exponent.


Meet David!
From Tegal in Central Java, David has been tattooing since 2009, honing his skills to become the world class artist he is today!
The most recent addition to our resident team, David is a true professional who has integrated himself into our team seamlessly, and is comfortable doing any style, but his favorite styles are realism in color or black and grey, Japanese, black work and old school. He is also a highly skilled cover up artist!


Meet Ucenk!
Born and raised in Semarang, he has been tattooing now for almost 14 years.
A veteran of the tattoo scene in Bali, Ucenk has cemented his position as one of the very best with his super clean fine line, floral, geometric and mandala work.
A consulate professional and a very popular member of our resident line up, we look forward to seeing his beautiful work for many years to come!


Introducing the latest member of West Coast Ink Bali’s fantastic line up!
Meet Jepank from Solo in Java.
Another incredibly diverse and talented artist, Jepank has been tattooing since 2015 and we are excited to have him on board.
An artist who will happily take on any style, he is particularly strong in geometric, color, neo trad and all types of cover up work.
To book a spot with Jepank contact us today and arrange a consultation.


Meet Tiar

A rising star amongst the Indonesian tattoo community, Tiar, originally from Medan, has been tattooing at the top level since 2017.

An extremely diverse talent, but undoubtedly best known for his geometric, mandala and blackwork, Tiar is also a fan of Japanese work and his realism work rivals the best!

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